1. In the initial stage after install (within 3 days from the delivery
date), the adhesion of the film is relatively low. Just in case, do not touch
the film surface, especially the edge portion.

2. In the initial stage after install, there may be a possibility of
subsequent generation of bubbles or blisters, which is a normal
phenomenon and can naturally disappear after about 10 days. If you are
in a hurry, you can go to the construction unit for quick processing.

3. Wash the vehicle after it is completely dry (about 1 week after install).

4. Please avoid using adhesives things to stick the surface of the film.

5. Please avoid using cleaning tools that are easy to damage the
membrane surface.

6. Do not use a brush, abrasive or sponge with abrasive
to clean the membrane surface.

7. Wipe the surface of the film with a soft damp cloth and water.
If you need to use a cleaning agent, use a neutral detergent.