The car paint surface must be clean and free of dirt and wax prior to

Should Apply at temperatures between 80℃ and 120℃ to a smooth, flat

1. Trim PROTECTPRO Vinyl Wrap to fit a proper location.

2. PROTECTPRO Vinyl Wrap is produced with new air bubble free technology,
high density air channels, dry application is available, easy to install,
and save installation time.

3. Peel off PROTECTPRO Vinyl Wrap from the liner paper at one end, and place into position on the vehicle. Continue to remove the liner paper as you
apply using a squeegee to rub into place.

4. Initial low viscosity glue, adjust positioning the PROTECTPRO Vinyl Wrap
on the car paint more quickly.

5. Inspect the application. Any bubbles can be punctured with razor
tip and carefully squeegee down.

6. Allow 24 hours before cleaning vehicle at an automatic or manual
high-pressure car wash.


PROTECTPRO vinyl film can be formed around some compound-curved
surfaces using a hair dryer or heat gun. Use the tool to heat the film
(2 - 3 seconds) until it softens and begins to wrap itself to the
contours/edge of the application surface.While the film is still
warm, use a squeegee or fingertips to apply pressure to the film to
help shape it to the contours. Be careful not to over-stretch the film
when it is heated.

If you wrinkle the film during installation,
let it cool and gently lift the film from the surface and re-apply,
heat the wrinkled film can be restore flat.