How many size for wrap the car body?

1.52x3M 5x10FT is enough for roof or hood.

1.52x5M 5x16FT is enough for a full motorcycle wrap or car hood, roof.

1.52x18M 5x59FT is enough for a full sedan and suv wrap.

Will vehicle wrapping damage the vehicle?

Applying specialist vehicle wrapping film to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork. However If you already have stone chips, abrasions or rust patches on your paintwork it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint off with it.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

Vehicle wrapping is most effective when the whole vehicle is covered in a complete design, but you can chose to wrap just part of the vehicle, such as the rear doors or side panels.

Do I have to pay someone to remove the wrap?

No. It is just simple instructions for removing the graphics yourself.

Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

Yes. The vehicle wrapping films are of high quality adhesives and can be easily removed within 5 years of the wrap being installed.

How much does vehicle wrapping cost?

The cost depends on the size of vehicle being wrapped but for an average size car it is very less as compared to re-spray.