8.5mil Thickness PPF

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🔥New Arrival‼️USA 8.5mil Premium TPU PPF 💯% Satisfaction Guarantee.🔥

🔥 The Thicker The Stronger Protection. 8.5mil provide robust Protection from stones chipping, road debris & Scratches🔥

🔥 6 years warranty on Abnormal Yellowing, Delaminating, Blistering, Staining & Peeling.Durability 6-8 years.🔥

🔥 BEST Choice For White Body Paint 🔥

👍 Easy Installation and reapplied numerous times without losing its adhesion.

👍 Removal of PPF without any residue glue. Will NOT DAMAGE the paint surface.

👍 Very Sticky no lifting problem after installation.

👍 Strong stretchability 450% Elongation

👍 Very High Hydrophobic and No Water Spot.

👍 Anti Stain & High Chemical Resistance.

👍 UV Resistance Prevent Colour Faded.

👍 Against bird drops, Tree gum & Bug Splatter.

👍 Super Gloss increases brightness by 50%.

👍Backed by numerous compliments from Google reviews.

👍 Installed by the professional award-winning Wilson & his crews.

👍 We also provide pre-cut software installation.

👍 FOC Ceramic Coating on the PPF surface to prolong the lifespan worth RM1788