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  • Base on my experience, only one word “Excellent” The review might be long but just a detail share of my opinion of “Professional” and “Commited to Quality and Expectations” This shop was introduced by my client which we share same interest and was recommended to seek for Mr Wilson. Base on my experience, Mr Wilson is a Friendly, Knowledge and a person who is committed to quality on products and services performed and offered. Although he is one of the management, but he constantly monitor the works of his people, offer options and share knowledge with his customers to ensure the result is up to quality and expectations What is i like the most is Mr Wilson will always try his best to meet up to not only his expectations but also customer expectation, which is important. Communication is good too. He will try to offer solutions and options when there is an issue and will try his best to solve it. Not like some shop which not take up responsibility. My 1st experience with them is car sticker. Some professional shops claim how good they are but once issue arise, they will blame other things and not take responsibility. When i went to Mr Wilson, he can identify the issues and causes immediately as he has more than 12 years of experience and winning awards in this field. Less than a day, issue solve and never incurred. I replace the sticker with him and no issue incurred for months of using. The 2nd experience is car coating. Base on the 1st experience, i send my car to Mr Wilson to do car coating. There are so many offer in the market but is there one who do things as Mr Wilson did? I doubt. Why? As he spend 1 full days in order to remove and polish my 2 years old white car before coat. I wash my car weekly ya. 1 full day just for polishing to remove all the marks and dirt. Mr Wilson did inform and i agree as i know he take his work serious. The job continue on 2nd day morning till finish coating the car at evening. Can you imagine how much effort and seriousness need to take to complete just a job which some people may think is easy and can be complete in a day. The result I’m satisfied especially with all the hard work and effort. What i wish to say is it is a pleasure to know this shop and a responsible professional like Mr Wilson who take his things serious and professional. Thank you

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  • Very good service, Excellent works

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